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Relay For Life(June 12th 2004)-

HAHA.... We got stopped because we were too loud... but we played a few songs, Immigrant song By Zeppelin, In Bloom By Nirvana, Jeremy by pearl Jam, Greed(Original), and half of whole lotta love. Well, We have a new show coming up where we can play a FULL SET... so, those who missed it can see it.... Fuck Old people.

Battle of the Bands

First show... After practicing as a whole for 2 weeks. Played Greed(original), Elderly Woman(Pearl Jam), Our Funk(Original Jam), Broken(seether), And Keep on rockin in the free world. Congrats to Fade. We came in third by 1 point behind Nothing Special. Thanks to all that were there and bring your friends and yourself to the next show.