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VOID IS DEAD!... Thank Nick. october 30
I'd like t othank everyone who came to the show... And especially the ones who participated and were up moving and singing with us. And for those sitting, you can suck my ass :). If anyone would like to write a review on the show or something, then email me:

october 21st
Damn, its been a while. Today we finally pracitced, and for good reason. There is a halloween party at the elks club in Ilion on the 29th. Nothing Special, Duk Sik, and We will be there. 5$ entry, 4$ if you are dressed up. If you have any questions, ask me.

july 10th
Hmm. We are working on a few more originals, and have a new bassist. Hellz Yeah.

june 16th
wellll... we have a show this friday at the Y...
june 18th
Mohawk YMCA
We start at 6
Opening for Nothing special and Duk Sik

june 13th
haha, Relay for life show is up on the Message board... check it for the review and post comments.
If you need you're password for the board then email me or im me, the stuff in on the contacts page... Email or IM wayne and he will help you.

may 31st
Alright, we have a definate show.
June 12th
Ilion highschool
Be there :)
Alright... and thats all for now.

may 24th-
Personal Bios are up...

may 23rd-
Message board is up... Register and get your friends on it.

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