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The Bands History

Alright... I will try and remember to the best of my knowledge. Wayne and nick use to jam together all the time, but never had a real band set together. I think it was last year when nick asked brandyn to come over and get together. They practiced a few times, and ended up wanting to start a band. This is when Wayne came in. Nick knew wayne was a singer, and was free at the time. Though Wayne sucks at singing they had him join anyways. 3-4 weeks before our first show we had to find a bassist... Yes we are THAT stupid. We asked a few people then finally Dom came over. It went from there. And the saga conitnues... Because Quail got a 'job', He was unable to play with us, and has not got a hold of us ina while... So we were lucky enough to know another bass player. They are in short supply. Now we have Maggio as our Bass player... And it continues from there, maggio graduated and had bigger things to take care of. We ended up bassistless again. Then Nick found a kid... Who is now our new Bassist. Brandon Malowski. And he kicks your bassists ass.

Personal Bios

Name: Nick
Sucks At: Drums Age: 16
Birthday: 4-20-88
Hobbies: Playing the drums, listening to music, internet, video games, movies
Biggest Musical Influences: My Dad, Danny Carey, Tim Alexander, Lars Ulrich, Neil Peart, Joey Jordison, David Silveria
Favorite Bands: Tool, Primus, Metallica, Rush, Slipknot, Korn, Alice In Chains
Favorite CD’s: “Sailing the seas of cheese, Frizzle fry” - Primus, “Lateralus” - Tool
Equipment: 6 piece Mapex drum set - 16”x22” bass
12”, 13”, 16” toms
5.5”x14” snare
10”, 12" Remo roto toms
Sabian cymbals - 18” AAX stage crash
18" AAX studio crash
18" B8-Pro Rock crash
20” AA ride
18” Pro-china
13” B8 effects
13” AA hi-hats
Tama Iron Cobra Powerglide Double Pedal
Tama Iron Cobra Veloglide hi-hat standM
Thanks: I’d like to thank my dad first of all who introduced me to music, I want to thank my band, for being there. And last but not least I’d like to thank my mom, for forking out the money for my equipment.

Name: Wayne
Sucks At: Singing
Age: 16
Birthday: 4-16-88
Hobbies: Music...Writing...Partys
Biggest Musical Influences: Jonathon Davis, Corey Taylor, Robert Plant, Kurt Cobain, Dani Filth
Favorite Bands: Tool, A perfect circle, Korn, Led Zeppelin, Cradle of Filth, Wyclef Jean, R.A.T.M
Favorite CD’s: "13th Step" - A Perfect Circle
Equipment: Shure 58 Microphone..yeah thats it :)
Thanks: I’d like to thank my band, for makingm e more and more commited. I'd like to thank the friends i could always talk to, Steph, Lauren, and Alyssa.. I'd like to thank my parents for getting me into music and putting up with my constant and horrendous singing.

Name: Brandyn
Sucks At: Guitar Age: 17
Birthday: 2-28-87
Hobbies: N/A
Biggest Musical Influences: N/A
Favorite Bands: N/A
Favorite CD’s: N/A
Equipment: Fender American Standard Ash Stratocaster, Kustom 65 watt amp, and Dunlop effects
Thanks: N/A

Name: Brandon Malowski
Sucks At: Bass
Biggest Musical Influences:
Favorite Bands:
Favorite CD’s: